Rolling Calendar of 2019 SPArts Events

May Monthly Meeting: May 6th

June Monthly Meeting: June 3rd

Gay Pride Picnic: June ??

SPArts takes Duwamish Valley Youth Corp to a Play!: June 18th

July Monthly Meeting: July 8th

South Park Putts Out: Aug 6th

Duwamish River Festival - not sure if SPArts will have a booth: Aug 17th

Open Arts (Luche Libre, Mercado, Dog Show etc): TBD. Late Aug/Early Sept

September Monthly Meeting: Sept 2nd

Art Under $100 T-Shirt Design Contest Open: TBD

Art Under $100 Application Open: TBD

October Monthly Meeting: Oct 7th

Art Under $100 Roster Announced: TBD

Art Under $100 Mandatory Artist and Volunteer Meeting: TBD

Art Under $100 Event: Nov 30th