South Park Lights


Seattle media artist Franklin Joyce created “South Park Lights” in 2006, using community-inspired illustrations which illuminate the western exterior wall of the new 5,000-square-foot branch library. The images, which change seasonally, draw on the neighborhood’s history and Hispanic culture. The illuminated images appear near the library’s entry and include depictions of Cesar Chavez; Dia de los Muertos; the South Park Bridge; and River City Skate Park; as well as the message “South Park Rocks,” a tribute to South Park’s resident musicians. Three theatrical lighting fixtures, housed in artist-designed stainless steel enclosures mounted on two 12-foot columns, project the images. The public art project was funded with “Libraries for All” 1% for Art funds and managed by the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.  According to the artist, South Park is one of Seattle’s most spirited and dynamic communities and needed an inclusive artwork that would allow the community to represent itself and be consistent with the vision of the new library.

South Park Arts