Tracy Madison





Four words to describe your work:

Modern Folk Art Ceramics


Creative Process:

Tracy Madison first put her hands in clay 2 years ago as a way to create some unique and simple props for photo shoots. Within days technique, texture, and color had her mesmerized. She’s been creating pieces ever since. Her career as an Art Director and Stylist shape her outlook on trends and the creative direction of her pieces.

Inspired by vintage textiles, ribbons and trimmings she incorporates texture into all her pieces. She builds every piece by hand, making each one an original complete with its individual character and idiosyncrasies. The imperfection of each piece is part of its beauty.

Her belief is that you should share your everyday life with art, surround yourself with things that bring you happiness. A unique butter dish, a fruit bowl, or a spoon-rest on the stove, these are the happinesses Tracy wants to create for you. A special platter or a cheese stone for entertaining, making your table unique and a reflection of your individuality.


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Instagram: Madisonware__


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