Sarah Barrick



Four words to describe your work:

Meditative Modern Mandala Art

Creative Process:

I create new shapes and patterns from a small slice of the shapes and patterns that already exist in nature, which can make it challenging to decipher what was photographed to create each mandala.  They often remind me of rorschach ink blots as they are symmetrical and everyone who gazes upon them sees something different. On the back of each piece, I share the story of each mandala including what was photographed, where and when.  This allows my customers to relate to my journey as an artist and often the object, place or time described relates directly to a special moment or connection in their own life.  My art is meant to inspire moments of pause, for we cannot truly appreciate the present moment or our journey on this earth unless we pause and breathe.  If we pause and breathe, we can blossom into our spirit's full potential.  


Contact Info:

Instagram: SarahKBarrick

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