Pattie Stokes





Three words to describe your work:

Fine Art Photography


Creative Process:

My interest in photography took root, largely because my high school offered a photography class at a local black & white photographic lab. I eventually worked at this lab developing prints and experimenting with the darkroom process.
I spent the next 25 years perfecting my skills working in various high end photographic labs in both St. Louis, Missouri and Seattle, Washington. I developed film, created negatives from images and slides, printed small photographs to large murals, restored photographs, worked one on one with clients and lead various team projects.
Although I appreciate the purest techniques, with the advent of digital photography in the 1990’s I wrapped my arms around the digital process exploring and experimenting with digital manipulation techniques.
I am inspired by colors and textures in nature, objects, and old Frank J. Haynes color postcards.


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Instagram: pattiestokesphotography

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