Malia Peoples




Three words to describe your work:

Uplifting Porcelain Jewelry!


Creative Process:

Melted is a modern take on the Japanese art of Nerikomi ceramics and I describe my creative process to friends in this way: I mix powdered glass colorants into porcelain, cut out shapes, and form a porcelain pizza by layering different pieces together. The pizza is smashed and then cut into necklaces, earrings, and more. Each piece is fired, glazed, painted with 18k gold doodles, and fired a final time.

This is my second year in business and I have enjoyed a great response to my work. You may remember me as Other Peoples Polyester from AU100 2017. While I still sew, I wanted a change of pace; Melted is not only exciting for my customers, but also for me- I love making porcelain jewelry and it completes me professionally!

Long live AU100!!!


Contact Info:

Instagram:  @meltedporcelain

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