Morgan Fyfe

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Four words to describe your work:

Bright lively abstract paintings

Creative Process:

When I begin one painting it's usually about one out of 10 paintings. I always have roughly 20-30 paintings in process at the same time. I think creating is so fun and I have to keep it light to make progress, or else there‚Äôs too much pressure on making one piece perfect. The transition of working on multiple painting allows me to layer and have a shift. Since I work on so many at one time, I'm not even sure how long one painting takes. If I have a deadline, I'll make it happen. 
I'm inspired by so much. I think art is our interpretation of what we recognize is beautiful around us. Sometimes it feels like creativity slapped me in the face and I have this piece I can't help but make. It always starts because I found something beautiful that has already been made that triggers an image. Inspiration can come from places, people, food, other forms of art, you name it.
Also, wine helps.

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Instagram: morgan.fyfe

Facebook: Morgan Fyfe Art

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