Malia Peoples




Three words to describe your work:

Uplifting Porcelain Jewelry!


Creative Process:

Bored fashion designer seeks color and a change! 

I have been working in Seattle's fashion industry as a designer for over a decade. Quite frankly, making clothing for others has become routine and has really limited my creativity! I am so glad to have found a new artistic outlet in ceramics and have been working with clay for a little over a year. I feel that clay has so many more possibilities than making clothing and it just feels so right! You may remember me from AU100 2017 as Other PeoplesPolyester.

I describe my creative process to friends in this way: I mix powdered glass colorants into porcelain, cut out shapes, and form a porcelain pizza by layering different pieces together. The pizza is smashed and then cut into necklaces, earrings, and more. This is a modern take on the Japanese art of Nerikomi. Each piece is fired, glazed, painted with 18k gold doodles, and fired a final time.


Contact Info:

Instagram:  @meltedporcelain

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