Leslie Nan Moon




Three words to describe your work:

Linocuts and woodcuts


Creative Process:

I’ve been in love with printmaking since my freshman year of college (I received my BFA in Printmaking from University of the Arts in 1994).  I love the carving and printing process!  It fuels my soul!!!!  I work in many different series.  Some of my most popular are Dia de los Muertos, Anatomical Hearts and Inspirational.How my art fits into Art Under $100′s vision: I love being a part of AU100!  There’s nothing like having people come each year to buy a new piece of mine to add to their collection.   Last year a little boy ran up to my booth just to tell me they have my art in their house.  That made my night!  He was so excited!


Contact Info:



Instagram: leslienanmoon


Twitter: @moonladyart

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