Kyle Schumacher

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Stained glass


Four words to describe your work:

Engaging.  Puposeful.  Handmade.  Dynamic.


Creative Process:

I am a life-long Washington resident and love living in the Puget Sound region.   I’m a maker because that’s truly who I am at my core – there wasn’t a decision one day to start making things.  I am on the path to finding my way in this world, but I do know one thing: I have to make something every day.  For me, making equals meaning, and the more I create, the happier I am.

I make a wide variety of whimsical glass pieces, from tiny ornamental sun-catchers to functional pieces for the home. Most of my ideas come to me in quiet moments while kayaking or even during my sleep – so I keep a notebook nearby.

Creating custom orders helps foster a deeper connection with customers, which I am always seeking. I am grateful that customers trust me with their personal stories, cherished memories, and exciting celebrations. Knowing that a piece I made will be in someone’s life as part of their decor brings complete satisfaction as a designer and a maker.

Handmade means buying products that are made to last, directly from people who love what they do as makers and take pride in their products. I love the quality and craftsmanship of objects from the past, and I am happy to see that people once again appreciate handmade items for the same reasons.


Contact Info:

South Park Arts