Joshua Mattson

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Artisan Wood Journals


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All the journals I make are handmade in Everett, Washington., the majority of them are made out of wood, which I handle with the utmost care and respect.  I purchase wood and paper, then do all the cutting, finishing and assembling in my shop. I try to use power tools as little as possible, as to disturb the wood as little as possible and therefore rely on sanding, drilling and cutting the wood by hand.  I try to source my wood locally as much as I can, and have many journals available from Washington grown trees, some of which fell in storms and the wood was reclaimed.  I desire to encourage others to have beautiful thoughts, and believe my journals are an inviting space to find them.  I like to think that although blank pages appear empty, truly they are filled with the light of the moon.  Having a song to sing while I make my journals is important to me, and I believe 'warms up' the journal for it to be written in!  

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