Jennifer Bennett




Three words to describe your work:

contemporary handmade jewelry


Creative Process:

The process starts with an idea or a desire to incorporate a material that has charmed me. Next comes the research where I delve into history/imagery/story, which is then followed by the gesticulation period (walking, meditating,  or sleeping until the eureka moment comes). When the image appears I draw and make models until I am satisfied. I fabricate all the pieces in my line by hand at my studio in the International District. My tools are minimal–torch, files, hammers and a drill.  I spend a lot of time on the finishing process–determining how much to patina a piece by bathing it in a liver of sulphur bath and playing with the light and dark of it prior to sealing it. I then test it out by wearing it, both for durability and for feedback.

Contact Info:

Twitter:  dilucedesign

Instagram:  jlawrenceb

Facebook:  dilucedesign

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