Dedrea Danilov




Creative Process:

“Jewelry Can Create Conversations”

Dedrea Danilov is a self taught wire artist, and the owner and creator of DedreaJewels Designs. Throughout her life she has been a collector of unique, fashionable, handmade jewelry.  In 2010, she traveled overseas, spending time in the museums of Turkey, Greece, and Egypt. There she found beautiful ancient jewelry that was created by hand, using simple tools and natural, untreated gems. After returning home, her goal was to create jewelry that complemented and showcased that same beauty. She has accomplished this by creating easy to wear jewelry with simple, elegant, organic designs.

Following that belief, she is drawn to unusual stones, fossils and gems in their natural forms. She is also passionate about the origins, energies, and meanings of stones.

Dedrea’s one of a kind pieces are created by knitting, crocheting, wire wrapping and using a technique called Viking Knit. Most of the chain in her bracelets and some necklaces are created using this technique. When needed, she will hand form her findings and metal components.

By combining her jewelry designs with sterling silver, fine silver, gold filled, stainless steel, copper, bronze and brass wire and incorporating gemstones, pearls and seed beads, Dedrea creates unique one-of-a-kind, organic jewelry.


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