Brooke Fotheringham





Three words to describe your work:

kaleidoscopic macro photography

Creative Process:

I have been working in macro photography for about 25 years. I developed an interest in the world of things just beyond what we can easily perceive with our eyes when my classroom was gifted a stereo microscope in elementary school. The forms, the colors, and the experience consumed me and my imagination.

Later when studying photography at Evergreen, it felt like a homecoming when I happened upon an SLR with a slide copying bellows and macro lens, and access to that quiet world just beyond perception opened up for me again. I love printing those images larger than life, and playing with scale to allow us to view them as if it was a scene we could walk right into.

My favorite subjects are fruit, vegetables, flowers, leaves, ice, and gelatin. It can be difficult to get all the way through breakfast without it turning into a photo shoot when a bit of pulp from a slice of orange or drop of condensation on a glass catches the light just so, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My kaleidoscopic work started when I was a professional darkroom printer by flipping negatives and doing multiple prints, then creating mural sized photo montages. Digital photo editing has allowed me to experiment even more with my imagery, and to blend it with elements of work I’ve done in studio painting for even more compelling and complex images.

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