Dehanna Jones

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Decorative Functional Art Glass


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A native of Seattle, and daughter of an auctioneer, as a child I was surrounded by my father's Tiffany glass collection.  This early exposure to Glass and Art Nouveau has had a lasting influence on my artwork. While studying for a BFA in ceramics and a BA in art at the University of Washington, I visited Pratt Fine Arts Center and was able to watch glass being blown.  I was immediately taken by the molten material and decided to branch out and study blown glass.

Twenty Seven years later, blown glass is the major material used in the execution of my art work.  I incorporate technical elements of hot glass sculpting and casting in my predominately blown forms.  I use intense contemporary colors and bold patterns as a design element to express my unique sense of style and color application.  This is created by layering many opaque and transparent colors separated by thin layers of clear, giving the color a depth and richness not seen in most blown forms.

I first gather molten glass from a 2150 degree furnace on a blow pipe and colorize each vessel with the raw elements that make color.  My work is not painted, but colored glass manipulated while hot to form pattern.  As I blow out the bubble and shape it to the desired form the color stretches with the vessel changing it as the thick bubble grows into a thin larger vessel.  And the most important part is have some fun while working on the hop shop floor.

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