Carmen Stark

Your medium:


Five words to describe your work:

Abstract globules of paint joy


Creative Process:

I’ve been painting forever, and used to do a similar style in college - only then we called it ‘too poor to buy new paint’ and would mix in all sorts of stuff just to see what would happen. 

I found a formula in 2016 that works every time (with additives) to produce consistent results and never looked back. Mixing the paint can take 5-6 hours (!) but keeps for a few days. Putting paint on canvas is pretty quick but you have very little control once it’s on the canvas. Sometimes it’s awesome (woo!) and sometimes it all puce (ugh). My creative process happens with manipulating the colors & the canvas just to see what might happen. It’s an adventure!

 Contact Info:

Instagram: Weesparklies

Facebook: Wee Sparklies

South Park Arts