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Artist-to-artist: Michelle Smith-Lewis chats with Raina Anderson

Friday, October 1st, 2010

This is the latest in SPArts’ new [kinda]monthly artist-to-artist series, where South Park artists reveal a little about themselves and their work in this little corner of Seattle. In this edition, South Park Arts member, photographer, and Lil Photo Box creator, Michelle Smith-Lewis, chats with fellow talent-filled photographer, South Parker Raina Anderson. Raina is a military brat who has lived all over the country. Her back ground is in women’s advocacy and mental health treatment and living in South Park got has gotten her interested in community advocacy. While she’s not able to be a full time photographer, writer or crafts gal, she tries to spend as much time as I can being creative.

Michelle: So, let’s get this party started!

At what point in your life did you realize that you were to be an artist? When did you decide that your medium would be photography?

Raina Anderson

Raina: I don’t know if there was any one real defining moment. Both of my parents were artists, so there was always something to dabble in. My mom was a writer and photographer, and my Dad was a painter. My dad always tried to get me to paint with him, but I wasn’t very good at it-I usually ended up with more paint on the floor or myself than the canvas. There had always been cameras in the house and my mom always shared her passion of it with me. I think my desire to get out and play supported photography more than anything, so it won out.
Hmmm…I think that photography as my medium was pretty set when at 8 years old I had 4 or 5 cameras. » keep reading »