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Archive for March, 2015

March 2015 SPArts meeting notes

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015
      March 1 2015 SPArts Meeting,   in attendance:  Barbara, Renee Gallagher (charter school project), Bonnie, Colleen, Lisa, Matt, Bill, Raina
      The bandshell must be moved from current location. Dan Slemko (riverfront property) or Sarah and Nicole (barge project) have expressed interest (height restrictions mentioned as a possible issue for temporary site on private property)
      Sarah and Nicole will be needing volunteers for their project throughout the year. Bill mentioned Jen and Wendy may be helpful to help us to connect to volunteers.  New volunteers encouraged!
      Elizabeth wants to do a liquordoodle in upcoming weeks at Loretta’s for Art Under Under Sale T-shirt design (probably not on a Wednesday evening)
      Barbara is going to post on facebook with upcoming meeting dates ( page), and said there will be a dedication next weekend for the new bike lane through South Park (details here: )
      Bill has last year’s Bridge Opening paintings- Scott from Loretta’s is open to letting us display them at new space he bought: the green house/building on 14th. He has also offered it as space for future meetings.  Bill suggested that June 30 would be good date to display them by, then make calendar and then figure out how we will auction them off.   Paul or Barbara can photograph them (with Paul’s camera)
      Amaranta has 4-5 upcoming projects she will need volunteers for them.
      Renee Gallagher spoke with Colleen and Matt about her Charter school project idea and she is interested in connecting with South Park families and groups to get feedback/information about community needs for a school (to possibly be sited in South Park.)  She will meet with Pauline next week, has met with Carmen, has attended SP neighborhood meeting and will continue.  Lisa suggested connecting with Meredith with toddler play group through Next Door South Park (lots of future parents who may be interested.)  Renee’s charter school group plans to start with a middle school, and expand to 12th grade over time.
      Raina suggested next month meeting goal: we get the 2015 calendar settled and focus on recruiting new people to come to meetings and volunteer for events  – maybe if we put out message that the aim of the meetings/events is to support the community and provide connection to neighbors?
      Next meeting is April 12th (first Sunday in April is Easter, so we’ll meet on second Sunday this month.)
Meetings are held in the conference room of the South Park Neighborhood Center (old firehouse) at 8319 8th Ave S. Anyone who wants to support art and artists in South Park is encouraged to attend!