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Archive for February, 2014

Beer As Art

Monday, February 17th, 2014


Art comes in many forms.  Whether your medium is paint, photography, or clay, you bring passion and energy to your endeavors. Here in South Park we know that art has no limits! We interviewed Max Leinbach from South Park’s own Burdick Brewing to find out more about his art form – brewing.

Raina@SPArts: Tell us about yourself-who are you and where are you from?
Max: My name is Max Leinbach.  I’m over 32.  I grew up in Eugene—Hippyville.  I’ve been in Seattle for 12 years.  I’ve got a few close friends I spend time with.  Life is pretty simple for me–I work, hang out with friends, and try to eat good food and drink good beer.

Raina@SPArts: How and why did you get into brewing?
Max: I thought one day–what would be a personal rewarding job or company to own?  I liked beer, so I figured I may as well give it a shot.   I decided I wanted to own a brewery in 2008–it took a while to open.

Raina@SPArts: If you had to describe your beers in 5 words or less, what would you say?
Max: Simple with character

Raina@SPArts: Great answer! Tell us about some of your past brews? Any that you loved or hated?
Max: Our second beer we made at the brewery was a really light beer.  Lot’s of people drank it.  It hated it.  It was way to sweet.  I’m never making it again!  I really like how our IPA’s are turning out.  I’m not a big IPA person and I never brewed them until I opened up shop.   I credit the South Park water.

Raina@SPArts: I’m excited about the Whiskey Red-tell me more about that one!
Max: It’s a pretty simple beer.  We made our Red ale–Let it ferment for 2 weeks–We put half the batch into a secondary fermenter with oak chips–We put the other half in Whiskey Barrels.  It sat for a month in each and then we blended the two.  I’m happy with the outcome.

Raina@SPArts: What other beers do you have planned?
Max: Good beer!  More specific.  Stout poured with Nitrogen–which I personally love.  I want to brew a really good light beer–I’m sure if you keep coming to the brewery you will see how we play around with different light beers.

Raina@SPArts: Now, you don’t just brew beer. Tell us about Mae James. Any other ventures you’re planning?
Max: I like coffee too.  So, I decided to figure out the roasting process.  We have a few one-pound roasters and we purchase high-end beans.  We roast on weekends and sell the bags out of the brewery.  We’re building a website where we will be selling online!

Raina@SPArts: What made you move to South Park? I mean, we get it, but what about those who don’t really know South Park?
Max: South Park is a place where people are neighbors.  I live in Ballard and it’s hard to get to know your neighbors.  It actually feels like a small town in a big city.  And people are nice–and that matters, because if they weren’t nice a small town feel would be no fun.  This neighborhood is fun.

Raina@SPArts: Why do you think that beer and art go well together?
Max: I like beer.  I like looking at pretty things.  Seems like a natural fit.  Beer pretty much goes with anything.

Raina@SPArts: What beers do you enjoy, when you’re not drinking your own?
Max: PBR-no joke

Raina@SPArts: What advice do you have for people interested in brewing?
Max: Clean your equipment well and follow a few simple “rules of thumb.”  Don’t give up if you don’t get exactly what you want.  Good beer and consistent beer comes with time.  Most important, have fun.

Want to learn more?  Meet Max and check out his delicious beers at Burdick Brewing, located at 8103 8th Ave South #105, Seattle or on Facebook at: Want more art AND beer? Come down on March 1st for waffles and beer in the morning, and art events later in the evening!