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Archive for August, 2009

SPArts September Meeting

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

This meeting will pretty much be all Crank It Up, all the time. Mark your calendars:

Sunday, Sept 6th at 4pm

9364 7th Ave. S. (at the dead end of 7th Ave. S. & S. Director)

The meeting will be hosted by the one and only Lettie! at her beautiful Witch’s Hat House. Bring a snack or a drink to share if you can, but if you’re just squeezing SPArts in between kids and dogs and chores and stuff, it’s most important that we SEE YOU THERE! We’ll divide and conquer with the last minute To Do’s and fill in the volunteer slots for the big day.

Wendy and I will be coming directly back from Burning Man. We’ll try to get the glitter out of our hair and return to the civilized world of bras and emails.

Art Lending Library

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Last Friday I visited the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center on Delridge Way. Every three months they set up an Art Lending Libray. Artists submit their work and art lovers come to check it out–just like a real library. 

You’ll sign up for a sweet library card, for no fee whatsoever, and then get free art in your home, delivered (and picked up) by people who know what they’re doing. Think of it. Rotating, local art on your favorite wall for you to gaze at and ponder and discuss with your friends over wine and snobby pate. Great, yes?

And you artists. Get those pieces out of storage that you’ve forgotten about and get your work Out There. You’ve got three months to pick the perfect one. And it doesn’t have to be just paintings or photography. There were books and metal work too.

A beautiful concept built around the idea of sharing art. Dig it. More info here.

South Park Lights: YOU can design the next one

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

We are currently assembling drawings for new South Park Lights projections on the library wall and have enjoyed looking through all the great  ideas from the Liquordoodle meet ups at Loretta’s. We still need more ideas! And we need them to be ready-to-go drawings so that we can submit them with very little adjustment to the manufacturer of the projection discs.

We’ve now got a one-page template that can be printed and drawn on. Once you’ve completed your brilliant design, submit it to us at webmaster[at] The template gives detailed instructions for the drawing limitations. Ask us any questions if you need clarification. (Also, using a computer to create your design is great too!)

Looking forward to seeing your designs!