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Sandy Thatcher

s_thatcherSandy Thatcher has been creating pottery since 1985 when she started working as an assistant to world-renowned potter Ginny Conrow. Sandy soon fell in love with the glazes that were coming out of the kilns. She remembers one pot in particular, that was hopelessly stuck to the kiln shelf and would soon be smashed by a hammer and tossed out. It was copper red and marked by the flame of the gas kiln. “It was alive with the fire of the kiln,” Sandy recalls. “It was exhilarating to see something that had so much life to it but wouldn’t live on. It made me want to create things as alive as that pot had been.”

Sandy works in porcelain because she enjoys how light and smooth it is, how balanced it can feel, and how usable. “You can throw it in the dishwasher,” she says. She also likes the color it takes on–the purity, the glassiness, and the depth. “I used to be very concerned with form and technique; now I just want to create things that look wonderful to my eye.”