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Leah Pastrana


I write. I create. I work hard. I raise child. I love hard. Repeat.

handmade timeless jewelry

leah_profileCreative Process:  I am inspired by stories, words, color, art of all kinds and adorning one’s self: inside and out. I believe that art has the power to save lives and many times it has saved mine.

I work with raw brass, sterling silver, silver plate, gold dipped, semi precious stones, and vintage religious charms, to name a few. I can wire wrap a mean briolette.
When I was pregnant (over eight years ago) I took a jewelry class with my mama. I learned the basics and started creating jewelry for friends and family. I was in love with creating and I never stopped. I have met people over the years in the Seattle jewelry community and they have helped me and inspired me to grow. Many of them have taught me new techniques on wire wrapping, soldering and others have educated me on vintage findings and the healing properties of various stones. I am blessed to have a wonderful community and supportive family.
If you look around you may notice that everyone and their mama makes jewelry right? :- ) I realize that we are all different. Our energy is different and our stories are different. We all have something beautiful to offer and our hands are powerful and magic!

How my art fits into Art Under $100′s vision: Art Under $100 gave me the opportunity to show my creations to the public and also my message. My message is that Art is life and art heals and can save lives. I love the idea of making affordable unique jewelry so many folks have the opportunity to support local artists. Participating in Art Under $100 allows me to show a different side of how jewelry is created and why; what inspired me and what my story is. The goal is to inspire others to do what they love.



Instagram: leahpastrana