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Colleen Lindsey

Colleen’s Creative Sewing

My love of fabric inspires my art.  I create custom couture for people who want something unique and fun and are not afraid to be the center of attention.  My custom label for adult wear is Spark Something and my kids and alternate wear is Sparkle Punx.  I truly believe that you should spark interest about you by what you wear.  Why be ordinary?

I love the fact that America has shifted to a green theme.  In that respect, I have come up with my own solution to green fashion by my recycled fashion wear.  Why throw something out that still has some wear left or has holes or stained.  I love seeing the possibilities in old clothing becoming something new and trendsetting.  I cut up, repiece, embellish, dye, add on to, whatever it takes to make it live again as somebody’s favorite “new” item of clothing.

Handworked wire jewelry, eclectic embroidered scrap quilts and fabric collage art round out the rest of my collection.  Nothing goes to waste, it is all materials for other artwork.  I work art into practically everything I make.  Art is too interesting to be kept on a wall, why not wear it?

More about Colleen: