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Cathy Chase


I hot cast  recognizable objects out of glass.

cast glass objects

cchase_profileCreative Process: My work is done in a hotshop. I use sand as the primary mold to ladle molten glass into. I have been working in glass for over 25 years. I teach at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle and am a CTE glass arts instructor at Wilson High School in Tacoma WA.

How my art fits into Art Under $100′s vision: My work definitely fits into the AU100 vision. This wonderful community (Southpark) driven art event is why I continue to live in this great neighborhood!

I sell my pieces for under $100.00 making them affordable to the public. I often work in a production line of pieces. Currently I have been making glass hand brooms and other tools of the trade.  



Instagram: maneki13

Facebook: cathy chase