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Carmen Stark


I refurbish vintage jewelry and repurpose the rhinestones into new pieces. I also paint using acrylics on canvas with an atomic retro influence.

Vintage inspired

c_starkCreative Process: Jewelry: I started out repairing my inherited grandmothers jewelry and fell in love with the process of restoring pieces to their original beauty.

Painting: I’ve been using acrylics as watercolors since I studied art in college. The pigments wash and meld together and ways that you can never predict. That inspires what image will emerge from the canvas.

How my art fits into Art Under $100′s vision: I try every year to make pieces that are both affordable and unique. It’s amazing to see people come back year after year to get more pieces or bring me something that they inherited that needs repair. Each year I’ve been trying to add more paintings and that has been really exciting (and scary! I’d never shown my work before). I am creating paintings just for the show that are accessible, colorful and interesting using mid century modern as a jumping off point.